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-- Safaris to magical Lappish nature by Polar Aurora Cabins --

Polar Aurora Cabins - Safaris are tailor made to our customers, no mass tourism. We want to help as well as we can, that our customers will get unforgettable memories while staying as our guests. Tell us in case you have any special wishes or dreams and we try get to make them to come true!
Tell your dreams to us!

Aurora Borealis hunting by minibus, 3h or 4h
This tour take you to chase Auroras by minibus. Guide as a driver, will take you along the roads to find the most fortunate places to observe the Auroras. During the trip warm homemade juice is served. If we are lucky and the sky is clear, we might see those magical lights dancing on the sky.  
Note: no guarantee for Aurora Borealis, weather permitting.

Aurora Borealis hunting by snowmobile pulled sledge, 3h
Come and join the tour to chase the Auroras! Admire the fascinating Lappish nature by sitting on the sledge, which is pulled by snowmobile - guide as driver. Travelling in the sledge, allows you also to observe the nature and sky  better – look carefully the sky, Auroras might show up suddenly. Have a brake and enjoy hot homemade juice. If weather is colder than -25 C, safari is made by car.  
If you are interested, you can also drive yourself a snowmobile! In the beginnig Your guide will give you a lesson how to handle the machine. Two person sharing one snowmobile, taking turns in driving. Price includes helmets and winter overalls.

Snowshoe trip and camp fire moment, 2h
Put the snowshoes on and let´s go and enjoy the Lappish wintry nature. Keep eyes open – we might meet reindeer or rabbit in the forest. After the walking tour, we relax in a Lappish hut and enjoy hot homemade juice and fry  a sausage by the flames. Price includes the snowshoes and warm overall.  

Day in Inari village, 4h
Learn more about the Sámi culture and history and Lappish nature. Today we visit the Sámi museum and Nature center “Siida” in Inari village. We drive by car through beautiful scenery ca 60 min /way.  

Dinner at Lappish hut
Get together to a traditional night in a traditional Lappish wooden hut for a cozy dinner. The host serves the 3-course dinner, made from local ingredient, by the flames of open fire while telling stories from Lapland. Ingredient of the menu vary according to the season. Menu includes also water, bread, butter and coffee made by traditional way  by the flames of open fire. Sample menus as an attached file.  

Snowmobile Safari to the snowy forest, 3h
Let´s go and speed up by snowmobiles to Saariselkä surrounding! Before starting, guide will give you driving and safety instructions. Two person sharing one snowmobile, taking turns in driving. We drive on snowy tracks and  whenever there is a beautiful scenery, we stop for photos. Snowmobile safaris starts as soon as snow condition allows. To drive a snowmobile, you need to be 18 years old with a valid car driving license . Children travelling in a sledge  pulled by a snowmobile-guide.

Trip by snowmobile pulled sledge with snack, 2,5h
Admire the fascinating Lappish nature by sitting on the sledge, which is pulled by snowmobile - guide as driver. On this trip we have a brake by the camp fire, and enjoy a snack; homemade hot juice and do as Finnish does– fry a sausage by the flames. Price includes helmets and winter overalls.

Ice fishing trip by snowmobile pulled sledge, soup lunch, 4-5h
Today you will experience the Lappish popular hobby – Ice fishing. Admire the fascinating Lappish nature by sitting on the sledge, which is pulled by snowmobile - guide as driver. Our route goes to the sceneries of Urho Kekkonen National Park. Guide introduces you to the secrets of ice fishing. With a little bit of luck, there might come up a catch of the crystal clear water. While you are ice fishing, homemade soup lunch is prepared by your guide by the flames of camp fire. Price includes helmets, winter overalls and ice fishing equipment.

We can also arrange Husky and Reindeer Safaris with our trusted cooperate partners.

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