Aurora Borealis hunting by snowmobile pulled sledge


Come and join the tour to chase the Auroras! Admire the fascinating Lappish nature by sitting on the sledge, which is pulled by snowmobile – guide as driver. Travelling in the sledge, allows you also to observe the nature and sky better – look carefully the sky, Auroras might show up suddenly. Have a brake and enjoy hot homemade juice. Warm overall and helmet is included. If weather is colder than -25 C, safari is made by car. Note: no guarantee for Aurora Borealis, weather permitting.

  • Duration around 3 hours, departure with snowmobiles from the cabins
  • Starting time 20.00 or 21.00, every day
  • 135€ / person

If you are interested, you can also drive yourself a snowmobile! In the beginnig Your guide will give you a lesson how to handle the machine. Two person sharing one snowmobile, taking turns in driving.

  • Price is 185€ / person
  • Suppelement for single driving 35€ / person

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