Ice Carting – Grand Prix


Ultimate way to race in the Arctic. Extended driving times guarantee that you have enough time to find your limits. Training time 10 min, qualification 20 min and race 30 min Frozen Ring is 570 meters long ice carting circuit located about 10 km from the cabins. The track provides you a ultimate driving experience with a 10 meters level difference. Circuit is suitable for advanced driver or first timers. Unique design guaranteed unforgettable moments to learn how to handle go karts on ice safely. Frozen Ring is powered by LED lightning and professional timing systems what makes driving more interesting and you don ́t have to wondering who was the fastest driver. During the race you can all ways come warm up for our brand new log house next to the fireplace.

  • 2h ( plus driving time to carting place, 10 min / side)
  • 179€ / person
  • Transfers are included in the price

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